Homeschooling the ADHD Child Facebook Group Rules

These are the rules for my Facebook group Homeschooling the ADHD Child.

  1. Parents who are currently homeschooling only

    This group is for parents who currently school their children at home (including public school at home) and is about children who have ADHD or similar disorders or special needs.

    If you are considering homeschooling but have not yet removed your child from the brick and mortar school, please see our sister group, Help! I’m Considering Homeschooling My ADHD Child!  If you cannot access the sister group because FB is being glitchy, PM me on Facebook with the email address you use to log into Facebook, and I’ll send you an email invitation to the group. We open the group up to new members a few times a year. Please answer the questions you see after selecting “Join” to be added to our waiting list.

    A few times a year we do a Roll Call during which every member who wants to remain in the group must comment on the Roll Call post. If you unfollow the group or are not on Facebook often, you could be removed from the group when we do our Roll Call. If this happens, you’ll have to ask to join the group again.

  2. Be nice

    We all have strong opinions. Please express those opinions in a kind and gracious way. This is our Be Nice rule. Since this is a support group, if your comment or post is not kind and supportive, it will be deleted, and you could be removed from the group. We remove those who violate our rules without warning.

    It is your responsibility to know the rules, contact admins regarding questions about the rules, and to know which group you’re posting in. If you are kind and supportive this shouldn’t be an issue. We try to give a lot of grace while still keeping the group a safe place. However, we expect our members to conduct themselves as reasonably mature adults.

    We allow religious posts, such as requests for prayer or recommendations for religious curriculum. If you are not religious, please scroll past those posts. The purpose of this group is not to convert anyone to a religion. That being said, if you are hostile towards religious people, this group is not for you as the admins, moderators, and many of the members are religious, and religion will be discussed from time to time.

    A post or comment can be removed without explanation at the discretion of the admins. If it is removed, it is likely that they deem it unkind, divisive, not helpful to the discussion, or false information. There is, unfortunately, a lot of false information about ADHD on the internet. This is not censorship. Censorship is when the government tells you what you can and cannot say. If you have a problem with groups being moderated, this is not a good group for you. This group is safe, supportive, and encouraging because it is well moderated.

  3. Be ready to learn

    This support group is for educating parents of ADHD children. If you think you already know everything about ADHD and are not interested in learning more, hearing about the science behind ADHD, hearing from experts, or hearing other people’s opinions and experiences, this is not a good group for you.

  4. Keep it family-friendly

    No language/swearing, and please post family-friendly topics. Those who violate the no language rule can be removed at the discretion of the admins. Keep topics G rated (exceptions are below) as many of us have little eyes reading over our shoulders. If you need to post about something not G rated (e.g. a recommendation for a sex education curriculum or a recommendation for an internet porn filter), please post the not-G-rated content in the first comment of your post. Non-G-rated posts can also be deleted at the discretion of the admin if the topic isn’t handled politely and tactfully.

  5. Do not promote yourself or your child

    No self-promotion such comments or posts linking to your business, your webpage, your Facebook group, or your Facebook page, etc. No linking to your own or your child’s original creative content — your blogs, your vlog, your article, your podcast, etc. This includes content which you are not making money from as the admins have no way to verify which content creator has monetized their content and which has not. Unfortunately, a lot of people have lied to us about if they’re trying to make money. There are plenty of places online to advertise your business or creative content, but this is not one of them.

    The exception to this rule is the blog where we store helpful links and articles, called Grace Under Pressure. It is fine to post other people’s links; this rule is specifically about promoting content that you created or that you make money from.

    Offering to private message someone is considered self-promotion unless you make it clear to the contrary when you comment. (E.g. “My son would love to be a penpal with your son. PM me with your address,” not “I’m sorry medication didn’t work for you. PM me, and I’ll share with you what worked for us.” Admins will assume that you are trying to sell something if you offer to PM someone or ask someone to PM you without making your intent clear. Messaging others with services or sales is grounds for removal.

  6. No politics

    No political posts or comments. It is divisive and contrary to the purpose of the group. Admins reserve the right to post political content that directly affects ADHD and homeschooling if they deem it pertinent to the purpose of this group.

  7. Don’t be a troll

    Members who argue with, block, threaten, spam, or attempt to manipulate admins or moderators, or members who demand that admins or moderators explain their administrative decisions will be removed from the group.

    Members who troll, spam, attack other members, or make divisive or inflammatory comments will be removed from the group.

    Passive aggressive behavior, including repeated use of inappropriate post reactions –such as laughing reactions when someone is upset–, will result in removal from the group as it is a form of trolling and is not kind and supportive.

  8. Respect others

    No derogatory comments or posts. This includes derogatory statements about ADHDers or special needs people such as calling them lazy, crazy, stupid, addicts, mental, etc. ADHD is a legitimate medical condition with a significant impact on the individual’s ability to function. In this group, it will be treated as such. All people, including children, should be treated with dignity –especially by their own parents.

    We support the right of the parent to medicate or not medicate as they see fit. Posts or comments saying that parents must medicate or must not medicate will be deleted, and the member will be removed from the group. ADHD is a complicated condition with many comorbidities, and there’s no single right answer for treatment. We are all just doing the best we can for our children.

    What happens in this group, stays in this group. In order for this group to function well, we need to be able to be authentic. Authenticity requires mutual trust. Sharing information which was told in the privacy of the group with others who are not in the group breaks that trust.

  9. Report rule breakers to the admins

    Please use the “report to admin” feature in the drop-down menu at the top right of any post you see that violates our rules. We take these reports seriously and will read the whole thread to find the offending content. Please report the content instead of arguing with the offender. Arguing could result in you being removed from the group along with the offender.

    If you are unsure if your post is in violation of the rules, please message an admin or moderator. We are always happy to answer questions.

    These rules are intended to keep our group a safe place for sharing our experiences and concerns about homeschooling ADHD children. If at any point you feel like the group has become unsafe or unsupportive, please contact an admin or moderator. The culture of the group is very important to us. It is our goal to create a haven for parents with similar struggles.

  10. Keep the group focused on homeschooling ADHD kids

    If you join and find that you do not meet the criteria of this group or if you stop homeschooling, please quietly remove yourself. We are not trying to be unwelcoming, but rather trying to keep this group focused on its intended audience. The truth is that the struggles faced by homeschooling parents are unique from the struggles faced by parents of children in a brick and mortar school.

    While we do not have a strict “stay on topic” rule, admins reserve the right to deleted posts if they are completely off topic.


Additional Information you might find helpful:

We recommend that all parents of ADHD children watch the video by Dr. Russell Barkey at the bottom of this blog post (tap here to follow the link). You need to understand what is going on in your child’s brain so that you can help them. This link is one of the most helpful things I (Sarah) have ever heard or read about ADHD. It is worth your time. It will give you tools you need to work with your child. 

If you’re just starting out homeschooling, please see this article.

If you’d like to read more about the group’s position on ADHD and homeschooling, please see our group principles at this link. 


If you are a homeschool mom with ADHD yourself, you might find our sister group, called Homeschool Moms with ADD/ADHD, encouraging. Please note that we keep the group small and only open it up to new members a few times a year. Please answer the questions you see after selecting “Join” to be added to our waiting list.

Thank you for cooperating by following the rules. Your cooperation makes my job as lead admin so much easier and more fun!  

Your lovable, huggable admin,
Sarah Forbes