Why “Grace Under Pressure”?

I live with an autoimmune illness that, for many years, was debilitating and kept me in constant pain.

Many years ago, before the diagnosis, I went through a very dark time in my life. I could barely take care of myself –let alone my family. My home looked like that of a hoarder, not because I am a hoarder– I’m not, but because I was physically unable to clean it.

I went to a doctor to try to get help. When I started explaining to him what was going on –instead of helping me– he threatened to turn me into Child Protective Services and gave me 2 weeks to have my whole house clean and bring pictures to prove it.

I simply couldn’t clean. But I didn’t know why. I didn’t know why I was so weak and so sick. So I went to friends and family to get help.

Some people were very understanding and helpful –others were not. I was labeled as “lazy” and “ungodly” by people who claimed to love and support me.

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Advice about Dealing with Anger


We all have it.

We all struggle with it.

I have to actively work at not becoming bitter or angry about my illness.

One thing I have noticed in the autoimmune community is the idea that we are justified in being bitter about these horrible illnesses we have. But, that is not the kind of person I want to be. I want to live a life that honors my Lord. These are some ideas I shared in a Facebook group, ideas about dealing with anger. I still struggle, daily, but I pray that I am getting better at turning to the Lord with my laments –a form of worship– rather than taking my frustrations out on my family –a sin.

Practical ways to deal with anger Biblically:

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The Testimony of a Strong Willed Child

I was THAT child.

You know the one: the explosive, high maintenance, strong willed one. The one that the teachers thought –at first– was really sweet, until something didn’t go my way. Then …watch out world!

I stomped.



And threw things.

I ran away from school.

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