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When You Feel Abandoned by God

A friend wrote and told me she felt that God had abandoned her, because she wasn’t good enough. 

Dear sweet friend, 

I have felt the way you’re describing so very many times. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. 

We are never good enough.

None of us.

God’s love is unconditional.

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children, faith, illness, testimony

Don’t Miss the Blessings

Sore and tired. Worn from continued sickness. Wearied by chronic illness. I awoke this morning with a clear recollection of what God had been trying to teach me. My heart knew. But I was not a willing pupil.

He whispered again today, Don’t miss My blessings.

Sitting here in pain. Crying. Listening to praise songs. Trying to encourage myself. Seeking to lift my own spirit. I hear my children. Happily at play. In harmony together. Pounding small rocks on the patio. To a rhythm. Singing joyfully. Contentedly.

And again I hear The Voice, Don’t miss My blessings.

Overwhelmed. Indecisive. Feeling guilty about what I should be doing. Wondering what I possibly can do in such pain. Procrastinating because of my sinful self. I would rather wallow in self-pity and misery. Rather that, than showering and facing the day, which might make me feel better. My sinful self doesn’t want to feel better. Conviction strikes my heart.

And again I hear His voice, Don’t miss My blessings.

I rise. I choke on tears. I shower. I sing what my heart feels. I comfort myself with verses. Scriptures hid in my heart long ago. I see my children’s smiling faces. I choose to focus on their smiles. The happy smiles of my children. I choose to laugh and joke. I choose to not see the unhappy things. I find strength to face my day. He is my strength.

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