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When You Feel Abandoned by God

A friend wrote and told me she felt that God had abandoned her, because she wasn't good enough.  Dear sweet friend,  I have felt the way you're describing so very many times. You're in my thoughts and prayers.  We are never good enough. None of us. God's love is unconditional. Unconditional love means we don't have to… Continue reading When You Feel Abandoned by God

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Don’t Miss the Blessings

Sore and tired. Worn from continued sickness. Wearied by chronic illness. I awoke this morning with a clear recollection of what God had been trying to teach me. My heart knew. But I was not a willing pupil. He whispered again today, Don’t miss My blessings. Sitting here in pain. Crying. Listening to praise songs. Trying… Continue reading Don’t Miss the Blessings