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In Defence of a 3-hour Homeschool Day

A question I get a lot is this: how long should a school day last when you’re teaching at home?

First of all, it’s important to note that children have a learning limit. At some point, their brains will shut off, and, after that, time no new information is retained.

So, what’s the point of teaching beyond that point? It’s completely counterproductive.

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12 bits of advice for homeschool moms of littles

To the Mama of Little Kids Who Plans to Homeschool; 12 bits of advice:

(I’m coming at this as a homeschool graduate. My husband and I both are homeschool graduates. This advice was given to me by older moms, including my own mother and my mother in law, about homeschooling my children. Some advice I ignored and regretted; other advice I took and was so glad that I did. My children are now in middle school and high school and doing well.)

1. First of all, relax. You have a long time before you need to worry about schooling.

Just relax and enjoy those babies!

Many many of us wish we had done so when we had babies, and now ours are teens or adults. Continue reading “12 bits of advice for homeschool moms of littles”

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Hold Those Babies Tight

Multiple times over the last year I have held a momma’s hand while she mourned the loss of her child. Some were unborn, some very young. Others were adult children.

Over and over in these moments, I hear the reminder that our time here is short.

We don’t know how long God will give us with these babies.

One of the most amazing discoveries I have made as a parent is that these children are here to teach me something. I always thought it was the other way around.

Whether they are here a short period or outlive us, we can know that they are safe in His plan and in His care. Continue reading “Hold Those Babies Tight”

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 ​You Are What Your Children Need


As a result of my chronic illness, I constantly feel like I am failing my children.

What keeps me going?

Why do I keep homeschooling?

Because look at the alternative.

Do I honestly believe that they would be better somewhere else?

They would be trampled and forgotten in public school. In my opinion, even what I can do (which is sometimes not much) is far better than the poor education they will receive elsewhere.

In the meantime, they are learning life lessons, developing character, and growing spiritually –all things that would be lost in public school, and all things that are far more important. Continue reading ” ​You Are What Your Children Need”

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What Do You Do When Mom Can’t Do School?

Fall of 2011, I had three surgeries in four months complete with Vicodin and a nine month to a year recovery time.

For a long time, I couldn’t even grasp a pencil to write. It was nearly a year before I could use my hands again without pain. 

Immediately after the first surgery, I was forced to address the issue of “What do you do when you can’t do school?”

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Lessons from a Broken Window: People Are More Important Than Stuff

My boys broke a window pane while wrestling. One lunged at the other. The other ducked, and the window got the raw end of the deal.

I couldn’t very well be angry since I accidentally broke my parent’s window as a child.

I actually found the whole thing rather amusing.

I put plastic over it with intentions of repairing it.

That was last April.

As I’ve mentioned before, my plans rarely happen on my timetable as I’m at the mercy of my health.

The afternoon after the window broke, I stepped on a nail and ended up with a streaking read infection. A week later, I twisted my ankle.

The entire summer was one health crisis after another.

Fast forward to October, the weekend before last to be precise. I was finally feeling well enough to attempt to address the window. Continue reading “Lessons from a Broken Window: People Are More Important Than Stuff”


Too Much Information: 10 Unexpected Symptoms of My Illness That it’s Taboo to Talk About {Part 2}

{See page 1 of this list here.}

4.5. Weight (continuation of 4. Food)

People who are not overweight don’t realize what a stigma is attached to it.

People avoid eye contact.

They don’t take me seriously.

They scoff at me.

They roll their eyes.

I’ve even heard whispered comments about going to McDonald’s too much.

I wouldn’t dream of going to McDonald’s unless I actually wanted to be hospitalized.

The truth is, I eat healthier than almost anyone I know.

I have pushed myself to excersize until I nearly passed out and still gained weight.

I have had diet restrictions that nightmares are made of. Continue reading “Too Much Information: 10 Unexpected Symptoms of My Illness That it’s Taboo to Talk About {Part 2}”

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Too Much Information: 10 Unexpected Symptoms of My Illness That It’s Taboo to Talk About {Part 1}

There are parts of my illness that no one talks about. There are parts that are taboo or considered oversharing, but not ever talking about it isolates us and makes us feel ashamed. 

So here are some symptoms of my illness that it’s not socially acceptable to discuss. 

1. Blood

I deal with it way more than I expected. I have bloodwork every 6-8 weeks, but that’s not really what I’m talking about. 

I’m talking about all the blood that ended up on me and the floor resulting from the eight tries it took to lace the IV into my collapsed veins before my surgery. There was enough blood that other people in the room had to sit down so that they didn’t pass out. No one wants to see puddles of their own blood on the floor.

I’m talking about blood in my urine, blood in my stool, bleeding internally, extremely heavy menstruation, and all around trying to not lose too much blood. 

I didn’t know trying not to bleed to death would be part of my life on a regular basis. Continue reading “Too Much Information: 10 Unexpected Symptoms of My Illness That It’s Taboo to Talk About {Part 1}”