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In Defence of a 3-hour Homeschool Day

A question I get a lot is this: how long should a school day last when you’re teaching at home?

First of all, it’s important to note that children have a learning limit. At some point, their brains will shut off, and, after that, time no new information is retained.

So, what’s the point of teaching beyond that point? It’s completely counterproductive.

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12 bits of advice for homeschool moms of littles

To the Mama of Little Kids Who Plans to Homeschool; 12 bits of advice:

I’m approaching this topic from the perspective of a homeschool graduate. My husband and I both are homeschool graduates. This advice was given to me by older moms, including my own mother and my mother in law, about homeschooling my children. Some advice I ignored and regretted; other advice I took and was so glad that I did. My children are now in middle school and high school and doing well.

1. First of all, relax. You have a long time before you need to worry about schooling.

Just relax and enjoy those babies!

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 ​You Are What Your Children Need


As a result of my chronic illness, I constantly feel like I am failing my children.

What keeps me going?

Why do I keep homeschooling?

Because look at the alternative.

Do I honestly believe that they would be better somewhere else?

They would be trampled and forgotten in public school. In my opinion, even what I can do (which is sometimes not much) is far better than the poor education they will receive elsewhere.

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An Open Letter to My Christian Friend’s Husband


o·pen let·ter

a letter, often critical, addressed to a particular person or group of people but intended for publication.

Dear brother in Christ and husband of my friend,

I’m the one who holds your wife’s hand when she cries. I’m the one who counsels her over messaging. I’m the one who cries for her when she tells me how badly you have mistreated her.

What I’m about to tell you should be said to you by your friends, your father, your brothers, your pastor, and your elders. 


But, no one is saying it. No one is coming to her defense.

So I will.

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