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 ​You Are What Your Children Need


As a result of my chronic illness, I constantly feel like I am failing my children.

What keeps me going?

Why do I keep homeschooling?

Because look at the alternative.

Do I honestly believe that they would be better somewhere else?

They would be trampled and forgotten in public school. In my opinion, even what I can do (which is sometimes not much) is far better than the poor education they will receive elsewhere.

In the meantime, they are learning life lessons, developing character, and growing spiritually –all things that would be lost in public school, and all things that are far more important.

I keep homeschooling through this horrible illness because there is no alternative for me – no better way.

Putting them back in school is taking away from them the one thing they really do need: me.

Since I honestly don’t know how long I will be with them, they will have as much as I can give them for as long as I can give it.

And, I trust God that it will be enough.

None of us really knows how long our children will have us. I just happen to be staring my mortality in the face more often than others.

Mamas, pour your lives into your children, even if your everything looks like 10% to someone else.

You are what they need.

More than education or socialization or getting into a good college, they need a mama who pours her life into them.

Most of the stuff they learn they will forget.

You, they will never forget.


Sarah Forbes

(originally written in 2013)


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