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6 Ways the Church Gives a False Sense of Spiritual Security to Unsaved People

5 Ways the Church Gives a False Sense of Spiritual Security to Unsaved People:

  1. We call the USA a Christian Nation,  giving those who don’t actually believe a false sense of security that somehow being American or being moral (which is part of our American culture) somehow wins them favor with God. Over and over I have heard or read people say they were Christians because lived in America. People –even Christians– equate being a Christian with being American so much so that most Christians cannot distinguish between what is simply cultural expectations and what is actually Bible truth.

  2. We cater church toward unbelievers. In an effort to seem relevant and to bring in more people to the church, many churches water down the truth of the gospel refusing to discuss sin, hell, and other hot topics which the Holy Spirit would use for conviction. By making the church a safe place for unbelievers,  we take the power out of our message.  What do they need Christ for if they’re not sinners headed for hell? Church just becomes a social group with self- help messages. The power of the cross is ignored, and souls are lost.

  3. We allow sin in our midst. While you have one group of Christians nitpicking everything their members do even the type of clothing they wear (I’m not endorsing this),  you have another group of Christians who won’t stand against sin at all. Case in point, when I was young I knew a lady who left our church and started attending a big church in town because she wanted to be able to move into her boyfriend’s house without anyone calling her out on her sin. When other Christians find out my husband and I didn’t have sex before we were married, a surprising number of them are shocked that anyone even makes an issue of that anymore. We should be somewhere between condemning for non biblical issues and completely ignoring the commands in scripture. We need a better balance.

  4. We make salvation into a single prayer instead of a life-changing event that bears fruit. Whoever invented the sinner’s prayer did not do us a favor. Did you know that the sinner’s prayer is nowhere in scripture?  Nowhere does it say, “Repeat these magic words and it will save you from the fires of hell.” But that’s how we treat it: like a get out of jail free card. We have millions of people walking around the US with the false notion that they’re actually saved when in fact they just uttered words without the key ingredient: faith. These people don’t think they need Jesus, because they already did that prayer thing.  But the evidence of Christ in their lives –a changed life– is not actually there.

  5. We make a bigger deal about church membership and attendance than we do about actually living what one says they believe. In order for churches to function, we need people.  So what if those people aren’t actually saved?  We need members, so the more the merrier! I have attended churches where it was preached that every time the doors were open, the members should be there. But at the same time, false accusations, slander, gossip, unbiblical judgements, leader worship, and many more actual, real biblical issues were allowed to keep going unchecked. Fruit is the evidence of Christ in our lives. Both those who lead and those who join the church should have evidence of saving faith in their lives, just as the epistles teach.

  6. We don’t expect to see the fruit of Christian maturity. Because we don’t actually teach the meat of scripture in most churches,  we don’t expect Christians to grow to be mature. How can they unless they’re taught? Since we expect Christians to remain worldly and immature, it’s easy for unbelievers to exist in our midst hidden in plain sight, because they look very much the same as the baby, stunted-growth believers.  In a church where Christians were actually maturing in Christ, new young believers and unbelievers should stand out. We should be discipling the young believers and witnessing to the unbeliever  (the majority of that witness time should be done outside the church as the church is, by its very definition, for believers).

Have you, by your actions or words, given others a false sense of spiritual security?

We should remember that it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. We should be helping people see their need, not giving them a reason to think they’re okay in their sins.  


Sarah Forbes


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  1. This is an issue that is having a huge detrimental affect. It has been unbelievably difficult to get Christians to realize this is going on, let alone that they themselves are contributing to it.

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