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What I Wish I’d Known: Advice from Experienced Homeschool Moms

I asked experienced homeschooling moms “What was the one thing you wish someone had told you when you started homeschooling?” These were their answers:

~ that a bad day homeschooling doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher.

~ that a paper trail isn’t necessary when the children are in kindergarten, or 1st grade, or 2nd. You won’t be able to put all their learning on paper, nor do you want to.

~  that homeschool is a lifestyle.  You don’t just do “school” at home.

~ that simple is truly better.

~ that less is really more. The children get burnt out if you put too much on their plate.

~ that you shouldn’t compare your kids to everyone else, what they do and don’t do, where they excel and where they struggle.

~ that just because the children are home educated doesn’t mean they will test higher than everyone else and be advanced.

~  that just because you are home most days doesn’t mean the house will be spotless & organized.

~ that you don’t need a twelve year plan for a child starting kindergarten.

~ that every child is different.

~ that just because other kids are in public or private school for 8 hours a day doesn’t mean a 6 year old needs to sit at the table doing bookwork for 8 hours.

~ that when people disagree with homeschooling, God didn’t tell them what is best for someone else’s child.

~ that you don’t need to be a teacher with a degree to teach you child.

~ that the best learning happens when they are curious and exploring at their own pace and aren’t being forced to try to fit into a box.

~ that the only important thing to actually study is reading, writing, and math for the younger years. Everything else should be fun and let them explore everything!

~ that you shouldn’t push anything.

~ that you should just read with the children as much as possible.

~ that learning takes a lifetime. They can’t learn it all in one day, one week, one month, or even one year. Nor do they have to.

~ that homeschooling from the beginning doesn’t mean your children will automatically be polite, generous, kind, well-adjusted, etc. In other words, it doesn’t mean they no longer have a sin nature.

~that homeschooling and the expectations/assumptions that come with homeschooling foster pride in the homeschool momma, and it is a sin that the Lord will not leave hidden.

~ that it was okay to have a messy house.

~ that college can make even homeschool graduates question their faith.

~ that you can’t keep a house clean when there are children in the house all day long.

~  that your house won’t be clearer and more organized because you’re home all day…that’s exactly way it’s not clean, picking up 24hrs a day for the whole family is not fun nor helpful when you actually want to get some school work done daily.

~ That you shouldn’t be afraid to ditch curriculum that isn’t working

~ That you should relax. If you mess up today, there will be a tomorrow. If there isn’t a tomorrow, today’s mistake won’t seem so big anyway. Each mistake and fumble is an opportunity to lead by example and show your kids what diligence and perseverance looks like and model humility by admitting an error and remedying it.

~ that you should never stress the mess.


Sarah Forbes

(Originally from a pole on a homeschool Facebook page)


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