It’s Not the Government’s Job to Love Your Neighbor for You

A common problem in our Christian culture today is expecting the government to act like a Christian individual.

God gave Christians a different purpose and a different role than He gave governments.

For example, a government was called to “execute wrath” whereas a Christian is commanded to “put away all wrath.”

These ideas are diametrically opposed to one another and serve to show us that governments have a different role in God’s plan than we as believers do.

Christians tend to want the government to do our job for us.

But just as the government was not called to turn the other cheek, it was not called to help the poor or be kind or show hospitality (which means much more than a dinner party).  

Those are our responsibilities as Christians.

Don’t be angry when the government does exactly what it was intended to do and doesn’t do your job.

Governments have a responsibility to protect its borders, fight for its citizens, and punish those who are not law-abiding.

We are called to turn the other cheek, respond in love, be kind in all things.

See the contrast?

The problem emerges when we think –because the USA has “Christian” roots (actually much of its roots are pseudo-Christian like Freemasonry)– that the government must obey Bible commands to individuals.  

Unbelievers are not expected to obey commands to believers. (How could they without the power of Christ living in them?)

Governments are not called to obey commands to believers either. (If they did, they’d make very poor governments.)

So, you and I, we need to be doing those things:  helping the poor, welcoming people into our homes, showing compassion, being selfless, etc.

Our first responsibility is to those in the church. What business do we have trying to help the outsiders if those in our own churches are in need? We go around trying to fix the world while our own house (the church) is in disrepair and unattended to.

Jesus said they’ll know we are His followers because of our love for eachother.

If you think there’s a need, fill it.

If you see someone who needs help, help them.

But don’t ask the government to do your job for you.

And don’t be angry when it does its own job.

You be Christ –just like you’re called to be– and let the government be God’s executing arm of wrath –just as it’s called to be.

Don’t be angry at the government for not doing the church’s job.

Be angry at the church for not doing its job. There’s plenty of justification for some righteous anger toward how poorly our churches follow biblical commands. That anger is absolutely justified.

It’s our job to love our neighbor. We shouldn’t expect our government to do it for us.

Don’t shirk your Biblical responsibility by expecting the government to do it for you.

You owe a debt of love to God that can only be paid to your fellow mankind. 

Be known for your love.


Sarah Forbes

P.S.If you disagree, please pray and search the scripture to see if I’m correct instead of arguing.


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