It’s Not a Sin to Be Untidy

I was so sick I couldn’t walk.  I was physically unable to clean.

My physical condition did not make me less godly simply because it prevented me from cleaning my house. 

My dirty house was in fact evidence of what God was doing in my life at that very moment.

We must be careful not to judge others based on our own experiences or based on things that are not specifically commanded in the Bible.

God sees the heart, not simply the condition of our homes.

I’m glad He’s the One who is in charge and not my fellow humans who have repeatedly misjudged my heart, my actions, and my motives –all things we are commanded not to judge.

Some people say it is not a sin to have a messy house if you are sick. But it’s not okay if you have a new born baby or a special needs child.

Right and wrong is always right and wrong. Right and wrong is based on clear commands in the Bible.

Nowhere in scripture are we commanded to keep tidy homes.  

That’s not in scripture.

We are commanded to be keepers of our homes, or working at home depending on the translation.

We are commanded to tend to our homes. They are like gardens. Some gardens are out of control with weeds, and others are nice and tidy. It doesn’t cease to be a garden just because it is unkept. I have grown some pretty fabulous vegetables in an overgrown garden.

The Bible doesn’t specify to what standards we are expected to maintain our home. It doesn’t say we are supposed to proficient at it.

If I am working on a math problem and not getting the right answer does that mean I am not actually working on math? Am I only actually doing the task if I do it to perfection? Or am I still doing it if I am doing it poorly?

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly, if you’re doing your best.


Our best is all that Jesus asks of us on non-sin issues. He knows are limits, our weaknesses.

Imagine if we treated the piano like that: it is only really playing the piano if it is done perfectly –and all else is sin? What child would want to pay the piano under those conditions?

And what woman would want to keep house if she was told she was sinning unless she could do it perfectly 100% of the time?

Let’s not heap extra-biblical (unbiblical) rules on other Christians.

Unless there is a specific and clear command in scripture, then it falls into our Christian stewardship.

God understands what is going on in our homes and the struggles and trials we face –regardless of what those around us think.

The verse in Corinthians that refers to God being the God of order therefore we should be orderly is specifically talking about order in the church service.

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church. 1 Corinthians 14:33-35

It is very poor Bible interpretation to take a verse that refers to the church and say that it is a command for women in the home.

That’s not what the Bible says, and that’s taking scripture out of context. You can’t make it say whatever you want to suit your needs.

If you read the whole chapter, you will see that Corinthian church was having very chaotic gatherings, and it is implied that women were interrupting and causing problems. That is what this passage is talking about.

If it were a command for the home, the woman would also not be allowed to speak in their homes which doesn’t even make any sense. It makes more sense if Paul is saying this is about the church.

God made all types: type A people and type B people –organized and orderly, creative and messy.

Some of the most beautiful things in my life have come from out of a mess.

It is often in a messy room that my creativity shines. It looks like chaos to everyone else, but it’s then that I am able to use the talents God gave me –my art comes to mind. Art is messy!

Even now, this laptop is perched on top of layers of paperwork from my car accident earlier this week (I am okay; just sore). I am creating this blog post in a room of chaos and creating beautiful things –in spite of my surroundings.

To say that everyone must be orderly all the time is to belittle those of us who God didn’t make naturally orderly. 

It is essentially saying we only have value if we can be different than the way God made us.

I reject that idea fully.

It takes all kinds.

God made all kinds.

There’s no command in scripture that we must all be orderly, and there’s nothing sinful about those of us who aren’t even though our modern society associates an orderly and tidy home with a good woman.

That’s our culture and not Bible Truth.

That’s another American Christian myth that cannot be backed by a clear understanding of scripture.

Let us not twist scripture. That’s is Satan’s modus operandi.

As believers, we should actively seek to not twist the Bible to suit our options and preferences.

Rather, the Bible should mold our opinions and preferences.


Sarah Forbes


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