A Day in the Life of an Autoimmune Patient

Here’s a glimpse into my busiest day of the week.

I do this (or something similar) every week. Sometimes it gets broken into multiple days, but I try to do it all in the same day to clear the rest of the week for homeschool.

6:00 AM Up and getting ready for the day. Shower, get dressed, eat, take medication (wait on supplements until lunch time today.) Dance around in the snow, if there happens to be snow that day. We’ve had a lot of snow this year.


7:15 Leave for doctor’s appointment. Leave early to try to avoid traffic. This doctor is about an hour from my house without traffic. Yay! Not too backed up yet.

9:00 Naturopathic doctor appointment for IV treatment. Some weeks we do blood draws and regular appointments back-to-back. I have to do blood tests about every 1 to 2 months because my thyroid levels behave unpredictability and drag me along for the ride.


Leave the boys in the car to do school work.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Watch Netflix, write blog posts, and read Facebook while the IV drips very, very, verrrrry slowly.  We are trying to work up to taking a whole VI nutrient bag, so that they can add good, healthy things (that’s the official name, I’m sure) to the bag to lower my autoimmune inflammation. After almost two months of slowly adding to the bag I am almost up to a whole bag of fluid! Then we can try adding other stuff to it and see if I react. I react to everything.  Well, almost everything. I’m not allergic to air or water yet, so that’s good!


If they set it to drip too fast my arm swells, and then I can’t drive home. I actually cover the IV needle  with a towel, because I don’t like to look at it. I have issues with blood/needles: it makes me nauseous. But I got brave and took it off so I could photograph it. I don’t even like looking at this picture. Nope. I am scrolling past. Needles do not exist. I cannot see any needles.


Get bored and take selfies with photo filters.


11:00 First doctor’s visit over. Quickly rush to next doctor’s appointment.


11:15 Second doctor’s appointment.


This doctor uses Muscle Response Testing to help me figure out what herbs and supplements to take that week. Most people don’t need to change supplements weekly, but most people don’t have 21 medical diagnosis. I highly,  highly recommend Muscle Response Testing. It has really helped me. They found food sensitivities and allergies that other doctors couldn’t. They’ve also helped me find adaptogens which help lower my stress level and support my adrenals. Before I take any supplement or medication or try any new foods, I have them use Muscle Response Testing to test me on it.  It avoids unnecessary reactions by trying it and finding out the hard way that it will make me sick.


Get bored while waiting in the office and start taking photos of their decorations. Because my friend who did the decorating is awesomely creative.


12:00 Finish at second doctor appointment. Get lunch and ice tea. Switch out last week’s supplements for the new list and take supplements.

Drive around taking pictures until the next doctor appointment because it is too far to drive home and back into town for the third doctor appointment.


I love living in the country. Oregon is beautiful.


I also really like old buildings.


And churches.dscf1899

And barns. Basically anything old.


1:30 Head to the third doctor appointment. 


2:00 Chiropractor’s office. This is a new addition to my doctor repertoire since my car accident. I’m hoping that eventually I won’t be seeing this doctor 2 to 3 times a week.  He’s nice and very helpful, but that’s a lot of appointments.

2:30 Head home to get dinner and relax. Often times we end up eating out (or ordering in) on these days because I am just too exhausted to make dinner by the time we get home.

That’s a glance into one of my crazy doctor days. Sometimes I can have as many as six doctor appointments in one week.

This may not seem like a lot to a healthy person, but it’s a lot for me. It used to be that I’d go to one doctor appointment then come home and sleep the rest of the day (and maybe longer –as much as a week to recover from leaving the house).  I’ve come a long way since then. Slowly, prayerfully progressing.

Just the fact that I can do all that in one day amazes me when I compare it to even a year ago.

It is worth all the craziness, because I am seeing improvement.


Sarah Forbes.


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