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11 Things Homeschool Moms Need to Know

1) Homeschool –when it’s effective– very seldom looks like the public school. Don’t copy the broken system you left. Don’t try to keep up with the school system.

2) You can’t teach your child everything they need to know. No teacher can not even the best professional teacher. Accept that. It’s okay.

3) If you can instill a love of learning in your child, he’ll fight you less and be willing to fill in those gaps himself if he needs to when he’s older.

4) You can’t force learning. You can try, but the truth is that real knowledge is obtained voluntarily. Anything else is less effective and will be miserable for the child and you.

5) When homeschooling is done wrong, homeschool parents can become bullies themselves doing damage to their own children in the name of education. Don’t force learning to the detriment of your child.

6) Tests and quizzes are unnecessary. They’re a method of monitoring large groups but really not necessary in a homeschool environment. Like all curriculum, it’s your tool, not your master. Don’t use anything unless you see its value in your situation.

7) The issue of socialization is a non-issue. We’ve been brainwashed into believing this was an issue. Don’t believe the lies.

8) Your child’s emotional, mental, and psychological well-being are way more important than a schedule or goal.

9) Some of the most efficient kinds of education methods are the ones that look the least like “regular” educational methods. My favorite non-traditional methods are Delight-led Learning and Unschooling. Your children are learning all the time even when it doesn’t look like school.

10) Trust your instincts even if it’s way different than what’s considered normal. You’ve been teaching this child’s since he was born and have way more knowledge of what works for this child’s than any “professional.”

11) You have something to offer your child that he’s not likely going to get from a teacher: unconditional love. Don’t underestimate its power. Love is an amazingly powerful tool that has the power to heal.


Sarah Forbes


4 thoughts on “11 Things Homeschool Moms Need to Know”

  1. I was trained as a teacher. I taught for 14 years. I started homeschooling in K-5. It has taken me many years to finally learn some of the itmes you listed. I think the biggest is that you can’t force learning. This is a good reminder for me and one I need to look at a few times a year. I need to be unschooled so that I can be a better teacher.

  2. Thanks for these reminders, clearly and succinctly stated. I needed the re-focus and encouragement today.

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