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Interview with a Homeschool Graduate no. 4

In 2012, I joined the administration of a large homeschool group in my area. As part of that, I began writing for their homeschool newsletter. One of the most enjoyable articles I wrote was a series of interviews with homeschool graduates.

Interview with Alyssa

What year did your family begin homeschooling? 1986

How did your parents hear about homeschooling? Mom had a good friend who homeschooled her daughter.

What was your parents’ motivation for homeschooling (what made them choose to begin?) Mom was sure she could do better. She kept seeing me come home with all my homework.

What age and grade were you? 7 years old, 2nd grade; I went back to school for 3rd and 4th grade; home schooled for 5th grade. When we moved [to Oregon], my brother and I managed 3 weeks in public school before we were BEGGING to come home!

What curriculum did you use? Rod and Staff, A Beka, Bob Jones, Streams of Civilization, Far Above Rubies, Saxon (math)

Was there a particular curriculum that you found worked better for you than another? I loved Streams of Civilization! I learned a lot from Far Above Rubies (calligraphy, studied gems) but I wasn’t self-motivated enough to stick with it. A Beka Algebra was really hard for me.

Did you experience resistance from family or friends about your family’s’ choice to homeschool? My grandmother was very resistant to homeschool for quite a few years. She is fully supportive now.

What was your favorite course or class? I LOVED art! And history!

Did you have any learning disabilities or challenges? I cried over algebra!

What other activities were you involved with: church, ministry, co-ops, homeschool groups, community groups, sports, etc.? I was involved in gymnastics, art (lots of art!), ballet, babysitting, speech and debate, choirs & plays, Science Fair, piano Syllabus, recitals and Festival, ballet syllabus, working with Dad, and Wooden Shoe Bulb Company

How many siblings do you have? 6

Were they also homeschooled? yes

To your knowledge would they or do they homeschool their children? yes

Did you get your GED or graduate (if you graduated was it a homeschool graduation or through an organization)? no

At what age did you graduate? 19

Did you go to college? I went to a year at Clackamas Community College

Did homeschooling allow you to accomplish something or participate in something public schoolers wouldn’t be able to? Most of my extra curricular activities

What do you see as the advantages of being homeschooled? Being able to explore different interests at different time. School time being flexible.

What do you see as the disadvantages of being homeschooled, if any? Too much family time and/or not enough outside-the-home-time leans toward being a potential for the “ingrown” mentality as I call it.

Were you lonely as a child or did you feel deprived by being home-schooled? I had some lonely years in my teens, but I don’t regret them. I had a lot of peaceful days with my dog, playing out back. I had best friends but I didn’t see them often until I started driving..

My husband I were both home-schooled (he never went to public school) and when we were dating, we never even talked about schooling our children until after we got married! Our two boys are 6 and 4, doing first grade work and kindergarten [in homeschool]. It is most rewarding to see their eyes brighten with the knowledge and understanding. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay tuned for more interviews.


Sarah Forbes


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