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Bible Inpterpetation Flowchart Part 1

In an effort to help others understand how to interpret scripture, I made a flowchart. I am very visual so this really helps me. This expands on the chart from yesterday. This is just part one. Part two is coming tomorrow. This is designed to be printed on cardstock, front and back. One side, today’s flowchart, is Old Testament, and the other side, tomorrow’s flowchart, is New Testament.

The basics thing to remember when trying to decide if a passage is a command or a promise applies today is to ask yourself who it was written to. If it was written to a different people group (not Gentiles) in a different time period or dispensation (not the Age of Grace) it is not commands or promises for us today. There are a few exceptions such as prophecies. These exceptions are noted on the flowchart.Old Testement Bible Interpetation Flowchart 

I hope this will help others better understand scripture. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.


Sarah Forbes


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