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Bible Interpetation Flowchart Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a chart about how to know what parts of the Old Testament apply today. Today we are talking about how to know what parts of the New Testament apply to today. Did you know that most of the Gospels were still under the time of the Law of Moses? Did you know that sign gifts like speaking in tongues, prophecy and healing are over? Did you know that God no longer speaks to us directly but rather speaks through  the Bible? These are important! They are discussed in our flowchart today.

bible interpretation page 2

For more about the Jewish rejection of Jesus’ kingdom which is key to understanding the gospels, see this link.

For more information about dispensations and how time is divided Biblically to better understand how God interacts with different people at different times, see this link. 

I hope this will be encouraging for others.


Sarah Forbes


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