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Chronic Illness Weight Loss Cycle

I’ve noticed a pattern when dealing with weight loss and dieting.

Especially for those of us with chronic health issues.Weight Loss Cycle

There is nothing more frustrating than to eat healthier and try harder than anyone you know and still not lose weight.

I have noticed that eventually, I will burn out from eating healthy and will cheat on my diet. Although, for me, cheating means having a piece of fruit that will likely upset my stomach or having a gluten free cookie.

The feeling of hopelessness when you can’t lose weight or when every time you lose weight you gain it all back is frankly indescribable.

It is torturous to worry about everything you put into your mouth. It used to be that I worried about if it would make me gain weight. Now I worry about if it will make me sick.

I hope this chart is something that other swill identify with.

It is actually rather amusing now that I wrote it all out in chart form!


Sarah Forbes


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