10 Things I Miss Now That I’m Chronically Ill

1) Eating whatever I want and not taking my own food everywhere, not constantly worrying about what I eat or if I’ll react to what I eat

2) Following through with promises, plans, and obligations without canceling: I miss seeming like a stand-up person

3) Sleeping regularly, soundly, and predictable, not 9 hours from 2 am to 11 am or going three days without sleep

4) Predictable energy, like never having to worry if you’ll able to walk back to that parking space after you’re done shopping or have the energy to wash the dishes

5) Keeping a schedule, see number 3 and 4

6) Not taking medication and supplements to make my body work properly or having my own pharmacy on hand just in case of emergencies

7) Doing things without help or without it having to be done for me, being independent and self-reliant

8) Going with the flow without planning for contingencies like a possible allergic reaction or second guessing my ability or planning for complications

9) Sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping  without pain or dizziness

10) Being able to find the words I want to say when I want them which makes you seem intelligent.

What do you miss about normal life?


Sarah Forbes


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