What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Got Sick

When I first got sick, we had no idea what was wrong. I thought everything from cancer to bipolar. I felt so very alone and misunderstood. On a group for moms who struggle with illness (mental health and physical health), someone asked me what I wished that someone had told me when I was first diagnosed. The following was my reply to a mom who had just found out she had a mental illness. It basically applies to any diagnosis.

You’re beautiful and loving and caring and hardworking.

You are wonderful, even if you can’t see it and can’t believe it.

Give yourself lots of time to grieve the diagnosis.

Give yourself grace to not be everything you thought you’d be when you were 12 or 15 or 20.

Cut yourself a lot of slack, because look at how much you get done in spite of your struggles!

You get up every day knowing that you’ll fight the same battle you fought yesterday, and you still fight!

You are brave and strong and a fighter.

Even if no one can see those inner battles, we know.

You’re not alone.

We’ve been there.

We understand because we fight every day, too!

The strongest people are those who fight battles no one knows about.

That’s you!

You may not ever be the perfection you see in your head.

That’s okay.

You are still amazing.

No matter what anyone else says.

Because you have fought when all those others would have given up.

Inner strength and fortitude is nothing to balk at.

You have it, my dear.

You have it. 

God will see you though.


Sarah Forbes


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