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Why I Homeschool

“I educate my kids because it’s not normal to me to send them away to learn from strangers that do not necessarily hold my same beliefs and certainly don’t care about my children’s future more than I do.

“I want to watch them grow up, and I don’t want to miss all those hours they would be away from me.

“I want to have and know their hearts.

“I teach them at home because I want them to grow up together as siblings, not segregated into groups according to their date of birth for a ridiculous amount of time every year only to learn to value friendships over their siblings and to question their parents’ authority and knowledge.

“I want them to know God and not be exposed to things before they are ready.

“I want them to learn at their own pace and not feel bad about it.

“I want them to follow their passions without a time constraint of having to complete a ridiculous amount of homework while crushing not only any time left they have to pursue their interests wholeheartedly but also their love of learning.

“I teach them because sending my kids away from home to learn makes the same amount of sense to me as sending my child to school to learn how to talk.”

[Used with the poster’s permission from a post on a national homeschool Facebook group.]


Sarah Forbes


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