Why I Write

I can always tell when I am having a really bad day.

It’s the days that I don’t even feel like writing.

Today is one of those days.

Normally, I have 100 ideas all at one time.

And then on my bad days, I just can’t seem to write.

My bad days vary.

There are the physically bad days where I am in so much pain that I can’t process information.

And then there are days that my brain fog is bad even if I am not in a lot of physical pain.

I wish sometimes that I had more control over how I feel and what is going on in my body.

Releasing that to God, trusting His timing has a been a challenge in my life especially in recent years when my health has gotten worse.

But, even on my bad days I still keep writing.

I still keep pushing forward.

Because my time here is limited.

It keeps me motivated to try to make a difference, focus on the eternal while I still have the time here to make an impact.

We are so caught up in the things of this earth that have zero eternal value.

We easily lose sight of that which will last.

We get caught up in trying to look perfect, in clothes, cars, makeup, titles, prestige.

And whatever else catches our fancy.

We forget that our time is short and our days are limited.

I don’t have time to worry about all that stuff.

I don’t have that time to waste.

I need to focus on what’s lasting and of eternal value now.

Because I won’t have that option in the future.

And you might not either.

“I have a rare autoimmune disease that means that that I will most likely never live to be seventy years old.

“Every sign of aging that I have is a sign that I am still alive.

“A lot of people don’t get the privilege to ever live to be old.

“And I probably won’t either.

“Which means I don’t have time to waste.” ~Rachel Farnsworth

I don’t have time to waste.

I don’t have the privilege of assuming that I will have tomorrow.

Or that I can do it when I am older.

Or that I can squander today because I have plenty of time.

I may not have plenty of time.

Right now, today, I want to focus on the eternal.

The things that won’t be consumed in fire.

The things that last.

That means that my life looks a lot different than a lot of people’s.

And I am okay with that.

It means I do choose to spend time with my children instead of doing chores.

It means I have that conversation with a friend or neighbor even if it could maybe wait until tomorrow.

It means I tell my husband and children multiple times a day that I love them just in case it is the last time they get to hear it.

It means that I don’t buy expensive things and behave extravagantly because I am going to leave all that behind anyway.

I can’t take anything with me except the lives I have influenced for God.

It fundamentally changes the way I think act and behave.

As it should.

Living for eternity should change the way that all of us behave, not just the ones of us who are highly likely to see Jesus sooner rather than later.

If we live worldly until we think our death is eminent we are going to be ashamed when we stand before Him.

I just stand around sometime in awe at all the things we put stock in and value that will burn and be worthless.

And all the things of true eternal value that we ignore in our worldly pursuits.

Every new health challenge is another reminder that my time here is short and a reminder to make sure that I am focusing on things that are eternal: things that have souls.

So that is why I keep writing even on my bad days: it has the potential to impact eternity.

What are you doing today that has eternal value?


Sarah Forbes


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