Media Fast

This morning the laptop I use to blog presented me with the blue screen of death. If you’ve never seen the blue screen of death it looks something like this and indicates potentially huge issues with the computer.

For us, it was telling us that the hard drive just bit the dust.

Since this is the computer my oldest uses for school, we decided that next week while the computer is in the shop will be our spring break.

Along with that,  I made the decision that we would go media-free for a few days from Monday to Friday.

Contrary to popular belief among my children I do not believe it will kill them.

It is very difficult to write blog posts from my smartphone. The formatting is weird and the images don’t load well, for example.

So, I’m going to take a break from posting, too.

I’m going to document what we do this week and come back and report how it went.

As you can imagine, my children are less than thrilled.

But, they seem to have this idea that there’s no world outside of the internet, and I’m determined to prove them wrong.

I find their opinion interesting since they weren’t even allowed on the internet until last summer.

It’s been nearly a year since then. I think it’s time for a refresher course on life outside the computer.

I’ll may still post for the next few days as our media fast doesn’t officially start until Monday.

Don’t give up on me.

I’ll be back soon.


Sarah Forbes


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