My Plan for Our Media Fast

So tomorrow, we start our media fast.

I have written out my schedule for the week and a daily schedule to keep the boys from getting too bored.

I’m mostly concerned about that fact that we’re not going to have Netflix. On my bad days, watching TV is the only thing I can do. There’s a reason there are TVs in hospital rooms.

It’s causing me some amount of anxiety because I’m in pain today and laying around watching Netflix documentaries.

I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do without it because I can’t read on those days.

I honestly write better than I read.

So, we’ll see.

Here’s my plan for next week.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: doctor appointments

Tuesday: library/free day

Wednesday: volunteer at food share

Thursday: beach day

Friday: shopping

Daily schedule

8am up and breakfast

9 dishes and chores

10 free time

12n lunch/reading and dishes/chores

1pm free time

3 start dinner/chores

5 dinner/ clean up

6 free time

8 read bible

9 bedtime

This is the “real mom” schedule I would do if I had more control over what I’m able to do when.  

We’ll see how it goes. I’m very aware that my plans rarely go as planned.

Given the panic attacks I was having today over my plan for next week we may not be able to go all week without any movie time.  

Maybe we’ll plug in the VHS player. That might work as a compromise. Not exactly media??

I’ll report back in next Saturday.

Don’t give up on me! I’ll be back soon.


Sarah Forbes


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