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Why Is Gluten a Problem? Could It Be a Problem for You? Or for Your Child?

I sat down yesterday and watched an awesome documentary.

It was actually the second time I had watched it, but the first time doesn’t count because I had insomnia at 2 am and watched it until I fell asleep.

I catnapped through the whole thing so I didn’t retain much.

I came away thinking “I need to watch this again when I am awake.”

So, when my mom came over yesterday, we sat down and watched it together.

Mom –on top of being a fabulous mom and grandma– is a gluten free consultant: she helps people who have just found out they need to remove gluten (or other allergens) from their diet.

My children are the fourth generation that has had problems with wheat: my maternal grandmother would avoid bread and pasta because it upset her stomach, my mom has an allergy to gluten, I am sensitive to it due to my autoimmunity –although not as sensitive as my mom, and my oldest doesn’t like how emotional and moody gluten makes him feel and will choose not to eat it.

People often wonder why gluten allergies are on the rise.

I have even had people tell me that gluten allergies and celiac didn’t exist before 2010 which is ridiculous because my grandmother was sensitive in the 1970s, my mom was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 1995, and a friend has been celiac since the 1980s.

We are just hearing about it more because it is becoming such a huge problem.

The issue then is why is it becoming such a huge problem?

Could it be a problem for you?

I have heard researchers say that they estimate that as much as 1/3 of the population may be sensitive to gluten.

I highly, highly recommend looking into this documentary that thoroughly explains why gluten could be an issue.

It also explains why we have seen an increase in problems with gluten… it all has to do with changes in the wheat production in the last few decades.

Probably the most interesting part of the documentary to me is the mention that doctors tend to see even more sensitivity among those with developmental disorders and mental health problems –so pay attention moms of special needs kids like those with ADHD.

Some medical professionals even think that autoimmune diseases are on the rise due to the changes in how we produce wheat.

Here’s the preview:

This documentary, What’s with Wheat, is available on Netflix. A one month Netflix free trial is available as well if you don’t have a Netflix membership.

What’s with Wheat is also available for rent on Amazon for less than $5. (Please note that this is an affiliate link.)

What’s with Wheat? on Amazon.

Here’s the author’s blog if you would like to read more about the problems with wheat, What’s with Wheat Blog.

My mom’s blog is Gluten Free Training, and her Pinterest account has some great information, too.

I hope that those who have questions about gluten sensitivities or have special needs children will watch this video and educate themselves about the problems with gluten.


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