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Confessions of a Horrible Housewife, Episode 1

I don’t do laundry.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

I wash things.

But how I do laundry wouldn’t count as doing laundry in a lot of people’s books.

I don’t sort.

Like ever.

Unless it’s really really expensive or special.

Or colored red and brand new.

Otherwise, everything gets washed together.

And I gave up years ago on trying to finish the laundry pile.

Do people actually do that?

Wash all their laundry?

I’m sure some people do, but for this girl with my health issues, it was an entirely unobtainable goal.

So I just stopped.

I stopped expecting to ever get done.

And guess what?

I’m never, ever upset that it’s not finished anymore.

Because I stopped expecting it to get finished.

I ignored that voice in my head that says how it “should” be done.

And I just did what could be done.

That “should” made me miserable for a really long time.

This is what I do for our laundry.

Once a day or a few times a week I wash what we need immediately.

Like what we need for tomorrow.

I scour the various stashes of dirty laundry (on the bedroom floors, bathroom floor, and laundry baskets), and I wash what we need.

That’s it.

The rest stays there.

Safely stashed away for another day.

I wash the load after dinner, and I stick the load in the dryer before I go to bed.

Now, I don’t fold either.

Shocker, I know!

My younger self would be appalled.

I just throw the wet clothes into the dryer on top of whatever was already in there and start the dryer again.

If at some point,  the dryer becones too full, I move it to some baskets in the living room and start the redrying process over with the next batch.

About twice a year I  look through the living room laundry and get rid of what we don’t need and have the boys put the other stuff away.

It is rare –if ever– that I fold things.

Now,  I’m not recommending this system.

But, if you’re sick like I am –chronically ill with serious health issues– and you need a system, don’t be afraid to do whatever works!

It’s not a great system.

But it is a system.

It won’t make it on the front of a godly woman blog, that’s for sure.

I doubt it would rank high in the how-to section of a webpage.

Unless it was a book about how to survive as a chronically ill mom, and maybe not even then.

But it works.

If you do your laundry the “right” way,  you know what have at the end of the day?

Clean clothes for your family.

If you do it my way –the “wrong” way, you know what you get at the end of the day?

Clean clothes for your family.

The method doesn’t matter as long as at the end of the day you’re taking care of your family as best you can.

Everyone’s best looks different.

So long as the end result is basically the same, it really doesn’t matter how you got there.

Ignore anyone who says differently.

And especially ignore anyone who says that underwear should be ironed.

They are just crazy.

Ignore anyone who says anything should be ironed, for that matter.

Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of negativity.



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  1. I can relate to this post! I do small loads because of health issues. I recently have been playing with the set-up of a web-site for writing: a work-in-progress. At least, that is what I tell everyone to excuse my lack of using my BA in English to teach for now; however, I am helping as a substitute on occasion. Again, Wonderful post, as well as the others!

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