How to Not Plan Your Homeschool

Our drawing for the OCEANetwork Conference ended Sunday. The winner is Donna Hooton! Yay! 

I stumbled upon this blog post from 3monkeysthrowingaroundsomepaper which very well explains a way that you can do delight led schooling which I highly recommend and still keep track of what you’re doing. This is especially important if you are in a state that requires documentation. This is also great if you’re a laid back mom like me –someone who doesn’t thrive on schedules and plans.

from 3 Monkeys throwing around some….PAPER!!!: How I don’t PLAN homeschooling…

I see the question often: “How do you plan out your week for homeschooling?”, ” What kind of planner do you use?”, “Do you plan?”, “How to plan for homeschooling”.  Here’s my easy answer: I DON’T!!!  (anymore) Shocking huh??  Let me explain:

I am not really a plan everything out kinda girl, not in my recreation life, not in our homeschooling (not anymore) .  I used to plan.  I used to sit for hours and write out every chapter and exercise and reading list we were going to do that week.  But honestly, I didn’t like to plan BECAUSE…..if I didn’t  finish everything I had planned, it made me feel bad.  I feel like we didn’t accomplish anything that week and the panic would set in.  But truth be told, we did a lot of learning, just not what I PLANNED on teaching that week.     (Click here to read the whole article.)

It’s worth your time to go read her whole article! Very helpful!


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