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Post Revisited: Leading Your Children to Jesus

I don’t think there is a topic more dear to my heart and nothing bring more joy to my heart than seeing my children follow Jesus. This post discusses my concern with my own ability to point my children to the Lord and some resources I found to be very helpful.


It’s hard for parents to teach their children solid Bible truths when so few of our churches are actually biblically educating the parents.

Over a dozen years ago, the responsibility of raising two small boys fell heavily on my shoulders. As the stay-at-home parent,  I spent the most time with them and would be doing the most teaching.

I felt that I had a limited knowledge of solid Bible doctrine, so how could I be sure that what I taught my children was accurate? I felt that way even though I had been homeschooled in a Christian home and had read through the Bible more than once before I graduated from high school.

This is when I went searching for resources that could help me learn Bible doctrine as I taught my children.


I hope you find the post helpful and encouraging.


Sarah Forbes


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