10 Ways You Can Help Me with My Blog and a Thank You to My Readers

I have some pretty amazing friends and blog followers if I do say so myself.

A few of those awesome friends and followers have asked how they can help me make the blog a success.

If you’ve read my blog much, you know that I have severe health issues. In fact, just yesterday, my doctor restricted me from driving until further notice due to my health complications.

This blog has given me something positive to do with all the extra time I have because my energy and activity level is so low and prohibits me from functioning like a normal human much of the time.

I am glad that I can use my time to do something that helps others. I am so incredibly humbled and so very blessed when I read comments and get messages from readers telling me how something I wrote encouraged them — that I lifted up a mom when she was feeling like a failure or helped someone see the truth about scripture.

Since I have received so many page views on the blog, I was advised to monetize the blog which I have pursued in hopes that it would eventually help offset my ongoing significant medical expenses. [For instance, one medical test I will be taking soon costs nearly $1000 out of pocket.]

Since some very sweet people have asked what they can do to help, I thought I would write a post with some ideas, if you are inclined to help (no pressure or expectations at all).

How you can help:

1) Read the blog posts. That probably goes without saying, but if you want to help, contributing to page views makes a difference especially in the kind of sponsors and ads available. I currently do not have enough consistent views to get the kind of ads and sponsors that I would prefer (ie that allow more control over what’s seen in the ads).

2) Like the posts on Facebook. This keeps the posts showing up in your newsfeed and makes my Facebook stats better.

3) Follow and share the Facebook page with your friends who you think might like it. The more people who follow me on social media, the more likely we will get the page views up to the point that we have better control over the ads.

4) Share posts on social media and particularly in larger national/ international groups such as on Facebook homeschool groups. My best viewed posts are the ones that have been shared in large homeschool groups on Facebook. I spend most of my time online managing two smaller-sized Facebook homeschool groups and blogging. I’m not a member of very many Facebook groups or very large ones (because they tend to be a bit stressful and drama-filled which I am trying to avoid), and if I was in those groups I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing my own posts. I would rather if other people who thought the posts were worth sharing spread the word.

5) Save my post to your Pinterest board. Because I’m not making money off the blog yet, I can’t afford the expensive blog packages that allow you to do fancy things on Pinterest to get high traffic to your blog. Pinterest is a great way to get additional views, but it needs to be shared by more than just me if I’m going to get more readers by that avenue.

6) [Removed]

7) Click this Amazon link [link disabled as this is no longer an option] before you buy something on Amazon. You can buy anything you want and it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use my link, but I get a portion of your purchase if the purchase is made within 24 hours after you click the link. Additionally, if no one uses my affiliate links within a certain amount of time, I lose the status as an Amazon Affiliate.

8) Share posts via email. Tell your friends about the blog if you’re found something helpful. Currently, I get the most views via social media, but you can subscribe via email too and get updates that way. So, you don’t need to be on Facebook to get updates. I actually have more email subscribers than Facebook followers even though I get the most traffic from Facebook. If you know someone who needs some encouragement but doesn’t use social media, email might be a good option.

9) Make a Paypal donation via this link. I’m currently paying someone else to do the maintenance on the blog to lower my stress level (I am not very tech savvy: I really like to write –not do IT stuff), so if this blog were a business we’d be in the red. But as I mentioned above, it is not expected. I only included the link because it was requested. I hesitated even adding it, but decided to in the end.

10) Pray for me. If you do nothing else, I would be indebted to you for your prayers. This blog brings me great joy, but it is a lot of work and often times brings mental and emotional stress due to the arguments that my posts cause –not everyone is kind about views that do not agree with their own, and I do not deal well with that kind of stress due to my health issues. Add that stress to my ongoing stress, and there are some days I honestly want to throw in the towel. But, I don’t because I believe the that Lord is using this blog and my life for His glory. I am determined to do what I can while I can. I cannot do much: I can’t even drive or clean my own house –some days, I can barely walk. But, I can write a little bit that challenges, helps, and encourages other people.

Specific prayers:

• For answers (I have a lot of undiagnosed health symptoms which would be easier to address if we had accurate diagnoses. I have a team of doctors working to try to help me.),

• For funds (I don’t have normal insurance and even if I did, it most likely wouldn’t cover the treatments I need. This puts my family in ongoing financial challenges. But, I trust God to provide.),

• For boldness (If I am going to have this blog, I may as well be bold for Jesus and speak the truth even if people don’t like it.),

• For clarity (Brain fog is common with my illness, but it is the bane of writing. I need clarity of thought to express my ideas. This is a daily battle for me: to push through the blur in my head and get my ideas out and onto paper or into the computer.)

• For healing (while I don’t think it is God’s will to heal me, the Bible says ‘you have not because you ask not’; so let’s ask. I believe He can heal me, and the worst thing that can happen is God says ‘no’ because it’s not His will or His timing …I am actually okay with that. His will be done.),

• For the strength to take care of my family (It is very hard to be a mom who can’t take care of her family. I desire simple things like the energy to make them breakfast. That would be nice. I used to have dreams about owning a huge Victorian house, making all my clothes from patterns I designed or running a summer camp. Now, I just dream of being able to go on a hike with my boys or stroll along the beach with my husband –both of which I currently cannot do.),

• For success with the blog (I set out to write what I felt like writing. I never imagined it would take off like it has. It would be pretty wonderful if that continued to grow and reach more people.)


Lastly, I want to say “Thank you!” to all of those who have taken the time to read and share what I have written. I never imagined when I started writing again last fall that I would have 50,000 views in less than a year. Fifty thousand! I am just flabbergasted. You have made this blog what it is. I am just amazed and overwhelmed at what God can do when you say, “Here, God, this is Yours. Do whatever You want with it.” That is what I have done and will continue to do with this blog. Soli Deo gloria!


Sarah Forbes


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