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Prayermapping: A Multisensory, Creative Approach to Prayer

Prayermapping is a cross between a prayer, a mindmap, and a brain dump. If those last two words don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry: I will explain it in the video (and you can follow the link above to see a video about making a brain dump).

This is a fun way to pray or work through frustrations or concerns. It is great for those of us who are easily distracted because it keeps our hands busy as well as our minds.

I have been doing prayermapping for a while, and I use it particularly when I am very upset about something.

It helps for three reasons:

  1. The physical act of drawing and writing makes me feel like I am doing something. Even if the problems are still there, it helps with my need to fix things that are out of my control.
  2. It gets everything out of my brain and onto a piece of paper. Once it is out of my brain and onto the piece of paper, I can make a task list of things that actually need to be done, or explore what is actually bothering me. Sometimes until I write everything in my brain on the paper, it is too cluttered and anxiety-ridden in my brain to actually see what is causing me to be grumpy or overwhelmed. After the brain dump, I am better able to handle things even if none of the issues are addressed yet. It also allows me to pray for specific things as opposed to saying “Bless Rebecca,” and “Help Tim.”
  3. It keeps my attention while praying. I have ADHD and get very distracted while I am praying. It is hard to pray when your brain is distracted by everything you look at –even the dust particles you can suddenly see in the sunlight that weren’t there a few moments ago. The drawing part of this type of praying keeps my body engaged so that I can actually focus on praying.

What you need:

  • A piece of paper (any paper is fine but I like a large sheet of white paper)
  • A pencil or pen
  • Colored pencils (optional)

Let me know if you try it: I would love some feedback.

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Sarah Forbes


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