Peace Day Challenge, Part 2 | Even If the Healing Never Comes

I have decided to be content where God has put me.

Just like Scripture commands.

That’s not to say that I don’t try to fix things that I’m able to or that I ignore actual problems.

But, I’m trying to be content –even if I can’t fix it.

This sometimes drives other Christians crazy!

Unfamiliar with the concept of contentment —because it’s not a concept that’s usually taught today in our you-can-do-anything culture— people will get angry at me that I’m not trying to fix my health (I think I am, but they do not).

I’ve been accused of letting Satan have power over me because I won’t rebuke him and tell him to take my illness away.

I mean, how dare I be content to face whatever trials God sends me?

How dare I say, “Your will be done” instead of fighting and resenting and trying to fix everything through my own power?

How dare I seek peace in my life and surrender whatever happens to The One Who Is Already In Control?

Choosing to not fight the status quo is –for many Christians– bordering on blasphemy.

They want some great show of God’s power when sometimes –often– God’s power is shown through someone who doesn’t get their problem fixed.

But praises God anyway.

Why don’t we encourage people to be content where God put them instead of trying to fix all our problems?

Our problems have Divine purpose!

I actually snapped at a friend over this issue this week (and had to later apologize).

I get testy sometimes when people suggest (or in her case I misunderstood what she was saying because I had a headache) that I’m not where God wants me to be.

I firmly believe that if I could be used in a greater way by God if I were healed then He would heal me.

If I’m still sick in spite having begged and pleaded and prayed for healing, then this is where I can best serve God.

I’m content here.

(It took me a long time to get to contentment.)

And my contentment has both puzzled and even angered other people.

They view it as lack of faith.

As if I have the right to demand that God do with my life as I see fit.

Contentment doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

But, neither does it mean that I think Satan is in control of my life and short changing me from the life I’m supposed to have in Christ.

I fully reject that idea, and my reason for rejecting it is directly connected to this idea of being content to let God be God and having my life completely surrendered to Him.

Part of the reason I have such a hard time with standard women’s Bible study groups and church activities is that there’s a lack of emphasis on being peaceful and content where God put you.

I am sorry, but I don’t need another, better meal plan or schedule to make me happy or more godly; I need more of God, more peace, more surrender.

This is key to my existence —it is how I make it through every day of pain; it is how you can make it through whatever God is doing in your life right now.

Surrender to God and say “If this is Your will for me, I am okay with that; if it is not, show me the way.”

Pray for wisdom so you will know if you need to do something, just like the book of James tells us.

This is from one of my comments on social media about dealing with chronic illness.

I just need to mention that I do not believe that Satan has any power over me or needs to be rebuked.

I do not believe that my illness is a result of Satan’s power over me in any way.

I have an illness because –just like Job and so many others in the Bible– God has allowed illness in my life because it brings Him glory.

Just like Jesus said about the blind men when He was asked if it was the parents or the man’s fault that the man was born blind, Jesus said it was so that the power of God could be shown through the man’s life.

Everything that happens is either because God ordains it or permits it.

Satan has no power over me without God’s permission nor any power over God’s will.

I am sick because it suits God’s purposes for me to be sick.

I am fine if He heals me and also fine if He doesn’t.

His will be done —always and no matter what.

I do not pray for or want healing unless me being healed would bring God more glory than me being sick.

If me being sick is the means by which God is glorified then I say like Job “though He slay me yet will I trust Him.

In other words, even if I die, I will not stop trusting God or singing His praises.

Because what right does the pottery have to ask the Potter why it was created or used a certain way?

I am His servant, indebted to Him for breathing life into my sinful soul.

I am indebted to Christ and He has the right to use my life in any way He sees fit.

Whatever He does is good –because He cannot be anything but good.

So if what He does seems to be contrary to what is good, that is because I do not understand what He is doing.

He is good, but I have an imperfect understanding of what is good.

I think we give Satan far too much credit and do not realize that God is working in the things we view as Satan’s work.

We need to be really careful about how we approach topics like this or we can easily veer into prosperity Gospel which is unbiblical and false teaching and teaches that if we are really serving God our lives will be perfect with happiness, health, and wealth.

‘It seemed intended by the blessed providence of God that I should be blind all my life, and I thank him for the dispensation. If perfect earthly sight were offered me tomorrow I would not accept it. I might not have sung hymns to the praise of God if I had been distracted by the beautiful and interesting things about me.’ –Franny Crosby

I’m learning to be content where God put me.

Godliness plus contentment is great gain.

Much of what we’re taught about striving to get better and about God wanting us to be in a good, happy place is far too much like prosperity gospel and not biblical at all.

Now that’s not to say that I am not trying to get better.

I have a whole team of doctors working on my behalf to find solutions to the plethora of symptoms and diagnoses I live with on a daily basis.

But, I am content where God put me.

Most days.

I go through bouts of freaking out and stressing out and feeling out of control and have to bring myself back to this place of peace.

Of choosing to not worry about things that are out of my control.

Of being okay if things are not perfect and not ideal.

Of daily surrender of the things that I cannot change.

Of being honest about what I can and cannot do and of trusting that God put me here with full knowledge of my strengths and my disabilities.

Focusing on peace means that I also must address sin issues because without addressing them I cannot be in peace –sin will cause unpeacefulness.

I only mention addressing sin because I am concerned that people will think I am giving up or taking the path of least resistance.

I am focusing on having a quiet strength that rises each morning and says:

Whatever God has for me to do today, that I will do. If I cannot do it, then He didn’t want me to do it today. If He wanted me to do it, He would have given me the strength and ability to do it with calmness and peace, because we know from Scripture that He has given us everything we need for life and godliness and that our testimony matters (especially our testimony to our children). If I don’t have strength, then today I didn’t need the strength that I thought I needed. I can rest in His unfailing goodness to give me what I need in His timing and not my own.

This –this total trust in Him– brings peace.

It is the peace I am choosing today and seeking to choose each and every day.


Sarah Forbes

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Here are the posts in this series. I will add the links as I publish the posts.

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9 thoughts on “Peace Day Challenge, Part 2 | Even If the Healing Never Comes”

  1. Sarah, I appreciate your heart to accept whatever comes from Jesus. I am sorry if any of the “faith” people ever got rough with you. I just want to ask you to consider this: People who say that they don’t want to be healed unless it’s God’s will still go to the doctor. They claim that if God wants to heal him, then He will, yet they still go to an earthly physician for a cure. I guess I don’t understand that.

    1. I’ve had this question too. And I haven’t come to a solid conclusion for years!
      But it seems to me that God doesn’t work in extremes. He’s always got another way. You have the extreme of never asking or believing for God to heal you and only going to the doctor.
      And then you have the extreme of believing God is the only healer and refusing a doctors help at all. People have gone to jail because their children died from easily treatable diseases while they refuse and doctors care.

      Im curious since you have the same question what you think. These are some of the questions I have asked myself and prayed and researched:

      If you ask God to heal you should you never go to the doctor for that issue?
      What if He doesn’t heal you?
      Is it a lack of faith to go to the doc anyway?
      At what point do you know that God has chosen not to heal that specific thing?
      This is a seriously tough topic!

      I don’t see Biblically just one way that Healing happens. In fact I Could be wrong but I don’t think it happens the same way twice! Ahh! It makes my brain hurt!

      Id love to hear what you personally think. If you don’t mind sharing.

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