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How To Plan a Flexible Homeschool Schedule

Schedule is actually a bad word at my house, and I don’t call what we do a schedule.

Maybe more like a plan, but I still put schedule in the title.

Because that is what most people will think of when they see our plan.

This post is a follow up to a previous post I wrote about what to do when mom can’t do school; I came up with a plan of how to do school after some surgeries many years ago.


It turns out that this plan isn’t just for sick and recovering-from-surgery moms –it seems to work really well for moms with ADHD and moms who have ADHD kids.

The beauty of this plan of mine is in its flexibility.

You have a basic plan written out but the freedom to adapt it to whatever you need each day.

How awesome is that?

I have been told that this plan has saved more than one mom’s sanity, allowing her to flexibility to plan each day based on her child’s needs that day or even her needs that day.

For that reason, I am writing a follow-up post with a worksheet to help moms make a schedule like this of their own.

After you have a basic schedule plan made, you can pick and choose each day which of those options you will actually do –this is great if you have days when you are in pain or where a kid is just having meltdowns. You can pick just a few things for today and try again tomorrow.

I hope that this will help other moms find a workable schedule that is flexible enough to work with their special needs children or their own health or mental health issues.

Examples of the worksheet download:How To Plan a Flexible Homeschool Schedule.jpg

How To Plan a Flexible Homeschool Schedule (1).jpg

Download the whole pdf  with instructions for creating your own flexible homeschool plan HERE. 


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