How to Be a Wonderful Online Neighbor [Satire]

[This is a satirical piece and based on my experience and observation in dealing with nasty, hate-filled people online.] How to be a great online neighbor in 11 easy steps: 1) Make sure you comment on every single post, article, or thread that you disagree with and comment with as much vim and vigor as… Continue reading How to Be a Wonderful Online Neighbor [Satire]


Social Expectations and the Internet

In the real world there are social expectations.   Starting about age 8 or 9, people expect you to start acting appropriately to the situation you're in. Before the age of 9, pretty much anything goes. Nobody thinks twice about the 5 year old ring bearer sitting upside down on the church pew at the… Continue reading Social Expectations and the Internet

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The Modesty Myth

Ever since I was old enough to be aware of clothing styles, I have heard Christians make an issue of modesty.  Modesty, as they used the word,  had to do with how a person was dressed, if enough of their body was covered for them to be sufficiently covered. Depending on who's defining it, it… Continue reading The Modesty Myth

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Your Days are Numbered

It hangs in my kitchen between the calendar and the cleaning schedule. I pass it every time I enter the kitchen. And it's a daily reminder that my time on this earth is limited. We all do it: we all assume we have forever. We assume that we'll get married, have children, grow old and… Continue reading Your Days are Numbered

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A Letter to My Sons: My Prayers for Your Future

Since you were young, I have sought to train you in the way of the Lord. I have tried to gently steer your course toward God, hoping, praying that when you're old enough to take the wheel of your own ship, you'd stay the course and follow hard after the God who is worthy of all our love, admiration, and devotion. You're a teenage now. A young man. I've seen glimpses of the man you'll be one day if you keep following the Lord. It brings me great joy even now to see Him in your life. These are my hopes and prayers for your life as you grow to be a man who lives for the Lord.

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Suffering in the Church

I may not be able to attend church every week, but my faith and my prayer life are quite active! My pain has served to drive me to my knees and throw myself on God’s mercy and grace to sustain me. Never underestimate what God is doing in those of us who are too sick to attend church. His power and His hand are shown in many ways --and it's not restricted to within the walls of the church.

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Five reasons why “Happy Holidays” and “Xmas” Don’t Bother Me (And Shouldn’t Bother You)

How many times have you been told that Happy Holidays and Xmas were an attack on Christianity and Jesus? What if you found out that the facts tell a different story? If they were an attack on Christianity, what would be the proper way for a believer to respond?

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True Faith: The Evidence Is in Your Walk

Many people who aren't actually saved (because they don't actually believe) think they're saved and going to Heaven, because they said certain words --like a magic spell that will keep them out of Hell. But the actual evidence of whether or not you are a Christian is how you live your life after the words are said, after VBS is over, and in the weekdays between church.