Pages Updated

I spent part of the day updating my pages and adding new pages so I'm not spending the time to write an article today.  I added a new page for the recent Fundamentalism posts and updated,the Homeschooling page. Feel free to check it out.  Maybe you missed a post.  I'll resume normal posting tomorrow.  Blessings, … Continue reading Pages Updated


A Little Break

Since my accident 3 weeks ago, I have managed to post every day. It has been a rough few weeks and I decided to give myself a break for tonight. So instead of writing a lengthy post, I was going to post some photos from the beautiful state of Oregon. However,  WordPress is not cooperating,… Continue reading A Little Break

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The Wide Gray Line: Christian Stewardship and Why It’s So Important

People tend to think that everything in the Bible is either black or white, right or wrong. I heard a lady say “I won't ever go to that church --and neither should you-- because they actually believe that some things --like what movies you watch and what music you listen to-- are not sins! They… Continue reading The Wide Gray Line: Christian Stewardship and Why It’s So Important

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Lessons from Jonah

Yesterday my oldest asked my why the story of Jonah ended so badly. I proceeded to tell him the highlights of the story, explaining that along the whole way of Jonah's experience, God kept showing him mercy, grace, and patience. At first Jonah refused to obey at all. Then, when he saw he had no… Continue reading Lessons from Jonah