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Gift Ideas for ADHD Kids

Shopping for an ADHD child can be a challenge. Our kids are a bit different(I can say this --I have ADHD, too), and often their interests are just as unique as the child. Sometimes, the interests are just like other kids --I mean, who doesn’t like Legos? Hopefully, these ideas will help you in your… Continue reading Gift Ideas for ADHD Kids


What You Need to Know: Your Hypothyroid is Probably Hashimoto’s

I spent today baking cookies for a Christmas party tomorrow.  It was a lovely day filled with falling snow, Christmas music, and wonderful tastes and smells.   Tonight my whole house smells like sugar cookies. After 3 batches of cookies, I started to notice the inevitable: pain and stiffness everywhere.   I had even tried… Continue reading What You Need to Know: Your Hypothyroid is Probably Hashimoto’s

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The Little Blue-eyed Boy in the Restaurant

I sat with my back to them in the other restaurant booth. Her toddler squealed and giggled and whined --depending on his happiness about what she would or wouldn't let him play with. Knives were not okay. He couldn't have her coffee.   I smiled to myself. Remembering. It's been too long. Longer than my… Continue reading The Little Blue-eyed Boy in the Restaurant

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Lessons from Jonah

Yesterday my oldest asked my why the story of Jonah ended so badly. I proceeded to tell him the highlights of the story, explaining that along the whole way of Jonah's experience, God kept showing him mercy, grace, and patience. At first Jonah refused to obey at all. Then, when he saw he had no… Continue reading Lessons from Jonah