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Gift Ideas for ADHD Kids

Shopping for an ADHD child can be a challenge. Our kids are a bit different(I can say this --I have ADHD, too), and often their interests are just as unique as the child. Sometimes, the interests are just like other kids --I mean, who doesn’t like Legos? Hopefully, these ideas will help you in your… Continue reading Gift Ideas for ADHD Kids

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Accusations of Boycotting Christmas: Rethinking Our Traditions and Realigning Them with Scripture

Regardless of what the world or other Christians do, we each, individually, will answer to God one day for our own choices, for our use of what God gave us. I'm just trying to make choices that won't leave me ashamed when I stand before Him. I'm trying to live intentionally, not just assuming that what is considered normal is also what's best. Sometimes, oftentimes, it isn't.