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Perpetuating Abuse in the Name of Submission

A few weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to an abusive man. It was a written to a composite person, representing multiple people I have known over the last few decades.

It was my most popular post yet –but also my most controversial.

Dozens of women wrote or commented the first day it was posted saying that they wished someone had said these things before, that why hadn’t the church addressed these issues which, along with my desire to encourage women married to that kind of man, was exactly the point of my original post.

A small portion of my readers, responded negatively, calling me “unsubmissive” or “not a Titus 2 women” for speaking out.

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Accusations of Boycotting Christmas: Rethinking Our Traditions and Realigning Them with Scripture

All year long, I am training my children to not be greedy, to appreciate non-material things, to store their treasures in heaven not on earth, and to think if others first.

Come fall, our relatives begin asking them for birthday and christmas wish lists. My children have October and January birthdays.

It is frankly contrary to what I am trying to teach them the rest of the year. For a few months every fall and winter, they begin to be greedy and unhappy with what they have.

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Dispelling the Christian Myth That No One Should Ever Judge

“Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

John 7:24


It is a common idea especially in our churches today that we must never judge anything or anyone. That is contrary to what scripture teaches. As John says, we must make “right judgments.”

The definition of “judgments” is “the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.” (Google dictionary)

A “considered decision” is “a decision that someone has reached after a lot of thought.” (Cambridge dictionary online)

Truly, we can’t live the life we are called to, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15), if we don’t continually seek to make considered decisions, which, according to the above scripture is the right kind of judgment –the kind we should be making.

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