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Do You Really Know Jesus?

I tend to assume that all my readers are believers.

I’m honestly not sure why I assumed that. I don’t even assume that about my husband, my children, and myself.

Scripture says that narrow is the road that leads to salvation and few there are who find it (Matthew 7:13-14). Additionally, it says not everyone who calls Jesus “Lord” (ie think they are saved) will actually enter Heaven (Matthew 7:21).

So, if I’m constantly checking myself to make sure my election and calling is sure (2 Peter 1:10) why would I automatically assume that you all are on the straight and narrow road?

I’m not sure why I made that assumption.

I even tell my children that only they know if they have truly put their faith in the saving work of Christ –He who was all God and all man, God born in human flesh, the only one who can save them from the fires of Hell and bring them to redemption.

Only they know if they are faking it or not.

Only time will tell if they continue to follow hard after Christ once they are out from under my roof.

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Dealing With a Wayward Child

Most people think that a rebellious child starts their revolt when they’re 13 or 14 years old.

Having grown up in the church observing other kids, it was quite clear to me that children began picking their path –either for or against their parents’ faith– by the time they were 8 or 9 years old. I have told my children as much: that even in grade school, they are already setting themselves down a path that will be hard to detour from.

My life is a prime example that it’s not impossible to alter course as you get older, but it’s much harder that if you simply chose to follow Jesus from the start. See my testimony here.

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The Testimony of a Strong Willed Child

I was THAT child.

You know the one: the explosive, high maintenance, strong willed one. The one that the teachers thought –at first– was really sweet, until something didn’t go my way. Then …watch out world!

I stomped.



And threw things.

I ran away from school.

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