Terms of Use

I work really hard on my blog. Writing is my passion, and I have been blown away by how God has used this blog to help and bless other people. I am honored that He has used my writing in such a way.

As my blog has become more popular, I have unfortunately experienced theft of my content.

All the content on this blog is copyrighted by me (with the exception of some images that came from free websites like Pixabay or Pexel).

All rights are reserved meaning that you cannot use my content for any reason without my written permission.

Copying my work and calling it your own is called plagiarism.

Copying my entire work or large parts of it –even if you link back to me– is called scraping. It is basically stealing other people’s content to try to increase the views on your own blog or webpage. Even if you are doing it because you like the post or want to help my blog, it is still not allowed –and it is still scraping.

Both plagiarism and scraping are illegal. 

If you use my work in either of those ways, I will take action to have the post removed, and your webpage could be shut down.

So, how should you link to my content?

If you would like to use some of my content and link to it, please include up to –and no more than– 10 sentences from the post. It can be any part that you choose, but no more than 10 sentences. Then, link back to my original post. If you do not link back to the original post or you only link to my primary URL, it will still be considered scraping.

I offer free downloadable printables. You are free to print and distribute those for free as you need them, however, you are not allowed to offer my PDFs or printables on your webpage or to charge money for the PDFs or printables.

I have already successfully removed illegal copies of my work from the internet and will continue to address illegal use of my intellectual property.

You can read more about illegal use of other people’s work and how to address that problem here.

If you like my writing and would like to hire me to write something for you, please contact me here.

Thank you for understanding the importance of intellectual property laws and supporting my blog by not misusing my content.


Sarah Forbes